Faced with a website that was outdated, no longer secure, difficult to update and even more difficult to navigate, StormTrap called for a comprehensive website redo. Culture22 worked with StormTrap through the entire process, including audience segmentation, pain point identification, and content hierarchy.


With a solid foundation in place, Culture22 designed wireframes and templates that brought important content to the forefront, made navigation simple and reflected their new brand beautifully. And to help their audiences truly understand their complex underground systems, Culture22 created detailed, yet user-friendly, 3D models placed in real-life settings. These models are an indispensable part of the customer journey, both on the website and throughout all other channels of interaction.


In addition to improving the user experience, representing the new branding and bringing their products to life, the new StormTrap website is also completely responsive, easily updated by the client and an invaluable part of the sale process due to its seamless integration with Salesforce.





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