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Who We Are


Brand storytellers driving connections and conversions.

Culture22 is a collection of diversely talented individuals who run the gamut of creative and technical specialties. We are brand strategists, concept developers, graphic designers, animators, illustrators, interactive programmers, information architects, UX/UI experts, motion graphics specialists, video magicians, and business problem solvers.

We believe in simplicity, evocative calls to action and imprinting brands in order to create lasting brand relationships.



Creating a solution that makes you look like a hero.

Cross-Channel Programs

  • Product/Service Campaigns
  • Brand & Identity
  • Employee Communications
  • Trade Shows & Events

Video Storytelling

  • Filmic Video
  • Motion Graphics Video
  • Testimonial Video

Technical Solutions

  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Design & Development
  • Custom Interactive Applications
  • Technical Strategy & Architecture

Why Work With Us


Great work. Great people.

Of course we have years of cumulative experience—we also have a tremendous amount of fun and curiosity about our work. Why should you work with Culture22?

  • We’re no nonsense.
  • We’re masters at navigating complex terrain.
  • Our job is to make your job better.
  • Adaptability is in our DNA.
  • The strength of our culture is our reverence for your brand’s soul.
  • We believe in immersing ourselves in your business.
  • At the end of the day it’s about sending the right message to the right person via the right channel.



Honored to be chosen by these incredible brands.


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